Go back to your house before you run out of battery!

Avoid a bunch of aimless people who don't seem to have anything better to do on a beautiful saturday afternoon ... 

... malicious hackers who will try to steal your data (use [H] to punch them) ...

... thugs who will punch you right in the face (press and hold [SPACE] to gracefully run away from them) ...

... and don't forget to answer you mom's messages (by holding down [J]) ...

... or she will call you and slow you !

Controls :

  • WASD to move
  • SPACE to sprint
  • H to punch NPCs and reveal hackers
  • J to answer your mom’s messages

All of the assets used are handmade, except for the following :

  • Music : Waveshaper - Escape To Eternity (Sir Ridley Remix)
  • Sounds : “You’ve got mail” AOL, Dial-up Internet
  • Sprites (non character) : Roguelike Modern City Pack by Kenney


Big Mommy is Watching Over You - Windows version.zip 10 MB
Big Mommy is Watching Over You - POST LDJAM - Windows version.zip 9 MB

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